• “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


  • What is The Play Potential?

    Play is the secret ingredient that sparks creative innovation, sends employee experience sky high and recruits and retains the best players in the field.

    Creative Innovation

    Excellence & Mastery

    We need to innovate to thrive. We need to be creative to innovate. To be creative we need to be in the play state. In the play state we will discover what is, to create something new. Only those in the play state have access to excellence, mastery and creativity.

    Employee Experience

    Inclusion & Belonging

    When employees can create and innovate together they not only feel included. When your people can play together they feel they belong. They will feel safe and trust each other. They will feel at home. They will have the best employee experience.

    Human Resources

    Recruitment & Retainment

    Play is to people what flowers are to bees. People are naturally attracted to play. People cannot resist play. People need to play to feel alive. They want to work and be together.There will be no reason for them to leave because there is no place they'd rather be.

  • Play is the highest form of research

    Albert Einstein

  • How can we benefit with the play potential?


    Personal Performance

    When people feel safe 2 play they will significantly outperform those who do not feel safe and are stuck in an never ending stressed survival mode.


    Team Alignment

    When people feel safe 2 play they will stop fighting and start working together. Team members will align. Team alignment will get the desired results faster than anything else.


    Employee Retention

    When people feel safe 2 play they do not even want to leave. Play is the most powerful people retainer. Play attracts people. It impossible to resist play, even if we try.


    Engaged Employees

    When people feel safe 2 play their engagement is a given. It is impossible to disengage when people feel safe and care about their colleagues, their work, and the mission of the organisation.


    Healthy Empowered Workforce

    When people feel safe 2 play they will be as healthy as humanly possible. The safety will make the immune system work at full power. Those who do not feel safe have their imune system down and will get sick. Whether it is a virus, bacteria or worse. People on sick leave is not good for them, the team and the organisation.

  • The opposite of play is not work; it is depression.

    Dr. Stuart Brown

  • What are the Big 5 painful lack of play symptoms?



    Stress is the very first symptom of lack of play and a clear signal of a employee stuck in survival mode fight, flight or freeze. This employee is in trouble.



    Conflict is the second symptom when there is lack of play. When conflicts rise to the surface the whole team is in trouble.



    When the best people are leaving the organisation it is the third symptom of lack of play. When the best leave, the organisation is stuck with the rest. When the best employees cannot be retained the whole organisation is in trouble.



    The fourth symptom is when your people disengage from work, colleagues or the mission of the organisation. When people disengage there is no organisation, there is only a bunch of lonely egoistic people who are only there for the money.


    Sick leave

    Employees who are mentally or physically ill is the fifth symptom of a lack of play. When people have no energy or are not physically able to come to work, the organisation is infected from the inside and will not survive untill safe 2 play is introduced.

  • Psychological safety is by far the most important condition for team succes.

    Project Aristotle, Google

  • How do we unlock peoples play potential?


    Like respect, love and all other beautiful things in life play cannot be forced. The moment we use force it dies. The moment we demand respect or love both lose all value. The moment we try to force play it is not play anymore. So the million dollar question is: How do we enable play?

    When baby animals feel safe they play. When children feel safe they play. When adults feel safe they play. When employees experience a safe workplace, they will play. Because safety is subjective, creating a safe workplace is a lot harder than it sounds. What is labeled as safe by one team member can be labeled as dangerous by the other.


    Luckily we created simple hands on tools to bring your whole team into the safe workplace of the future and thereby access the teamplay potential. Enabling safe places is of immense value to captains of industries all the way till mid level management, political leaders or top level sports coaches. Or for anyone who wants to be one of the above! From today enabling a safe space is possible for anyone!

    Imagine there is a simple secret formula you can use to protect your people from the devastating effects of stress. One simple secret formula to protect your team and organisation from conflict, braindrain, disengagement and sick leave. One simple secret formula to skyrocket personal and team performance. One simple secret formula to spark creative innovation, inclusion, belonging and recruit and retain the best in the field? Would you like to know how to use this simple secret formula?

    Play 2 Potential

    Online Masterclass


    6 week program

    Learn anything you need to know to provide a Safe Workplace and help your employees or colleagues play 2 potential. Earn a Safe Workplace Wizard degree. Why a Wizard? Because in other peoples eyes you will be capable of magic!


    Safe 2 Play Incompany

    Coaching on the job


    per 6 hr day

    The safe workplace trainer will sit in with you on a meeting with a team member, manager or anyone you want. After the meeting you will get some hands on tips and tricks how to make the other person feel safe so they are able to play.

    Play Journey

    Leadership program


    per 4 day journey

    To lead your people to their play potential you must provide a safe workplace. To be that anchor safe space provider you must become safe with yourself first. The Play Journey is exactly what current and future leaders need.