• What is a lead 2 play Leadership Journey?

    Sun, see and salty air. Expand our perspectives while walking over the stunning cliffs and beaches. Surfing secret waves or exploring the mountains by bike or on a horse. Take a well deserved relaxing massage, do yoga or meditate on the things you want to manifest. Or just have a drink at a beach club while enjoying the sun set. Book your playful leadership journey and return fully recharged with new widening perspectives and insights.

  • Who is joining the lead 2 play leadership journey to the Algarve?

    The playful leadership journey to the Algarve is for all current and future managers and leaders who want the absolute best for their people. This ranges from CEO's, captains of industries, politician or coaches of sport teams all the way to mid level management.

    Age, color, gender is irrelevant, all that matters is that you want tot give your people the safety they deserve.

    Why a lead 2 play leadership journey the Algarve?

    The Algarve gets the most sun from all of Europe which is very good for our Vitamine D and our overal health. The warm sunny climate allows us to be outside in nature a lot. Nature calms our mind and heals our soul because nature does not judge, because nature just is.

    Which activities will we do during the lead 2 play leadership journey?

    We can do a wide range of activities in nature. Relaxing, having fun and learning new things are key elements ont the playful leadership journey. We will find the activities best suited for you. Some of my favorites are:

  • Surfs up!

    For ten years I have been visiting and living in (surfers) paradise the Algarve. After surfing magical waves at hidden beaches. The Algarve feels like my second home.


    When the waves were too small or to big I found my way to the tenniscourts. Tennis can be a lot of fun and my teacher Dan teach you some tricks if you want to.

    Mountain bike

    Only by bike we can explore the places you cannot get bij car. One of my best friends Jeroen bikes these hills twice a week. Lots of strong guys tried to test him nobody as beaten him yet. Jeroen loves to show us around in his backyard.


  • What will the lead 2 play coaching be like?

    We will be in nature and we will use nature in all kinds of ways. We use nature as metaphors, tokens and inspiration just to name a few. We will explore stunning cliffs and pristine beaches. We will expand our perspectives by visiting wide horizons. Some sights are so beautiful that give us insight.


    As a second child I had fights with my bigger brother on a regular basis. Fights I could not win because he was stronger of course. Frustrated and angry I ran outside and spend some time in the woods around our house. When I came back in half an hour later I was reborn, I totally forgot the fight, I forgot I was angry. Nature has the power to change our state of mind.


    Our body and mind are connected. When we get our body moving our mind will follow. When we move our body to beautiful places our state of mind will be beautiful in a beautiful place as well. By exploring in the outside we will be exploring the inside too.


    When high season hit my former surf company I could barely handle our succes. When I was at the point of a mental breaking down I got out of the hotspot and cycled 10 minutes into the dunes. I sat down under a tree and solutions for problems started to fall into place. Again nature was capable of changing my state of mind. A change in state of mind is all we need to see the solutions to our problems.


    Ever wondered what the stunning Portuguese nature can do for you?

  • Deserted beaches

    In low season the beaches are deserted. High tide wipes away all footprints providing a clean canvas every day.

    Wild cliffs

    The west coast is wild! Big waves, strong winds and high black cliffs. It has something rough.

    Sunny cliffs and beaches

    The south coast cliffs are yellow from the sun. The see is more calm and the fishing villages are closer too each other. We surf south coast when the west coast waves are too big.

  • Where and what will we eat?

    I spend 4 years finding the best food at the most beautiful locations. From ocean view to back alley places where only the locals eat. My ex girlfriend is a foodie so if you want some excellent vegan food I also know where to go.

  • Coffee Culture

    Portugal has one of the best coffee cultures. We can find an espresso or a galauo on any street corner.

    Super Sweets

    Portugal specializes in sweets. The most famous one is the pastel de nata.

    Fresh Fish

    The sustainably caught fish goes straight from the ocean on he gril and from the grill on our plate. The best fish I ever had.

  • Example lead 2 play leadership journey


    • 3 days full board at a fabulous location
    • 9 hr playful leadership coaching
    • A unforgettable experience like surfing, horsback or mb tour everyday
    • Excluded
    • Travel cost up to location
    • Insurance

    Example Program

    Daily Schedule

    • 08.00 Breakfast
    • 10.00 Coaching
    • 13.00 Lunch
    • 14.00 Experience
    • 19.00 Diner


    • Day 1 The Scientist
    • Day 2 The Captain
    • Day 3 The Buddha

    Available Dates 2021

    September 2021

    20-1 okt


    October 2021



    November 2021



    December 2021


  • The lead 2 play Leadership Journey Program

    We will explore the three characters that are capable of enabling a safe space. The skills of the Scientist, Captain and Buddha help you create a safe workplace for your people. Mastering these skills is the secret to enabling your people to play. During the playful leadership journey we will discover and practice these skills during the coaching and activities in a fun and playful way. This way we are relaxed and will we learn the most.

    The Scientist

    The skill of the scientist is falsification. Falsification is not designed to find the truth. Falsification is meant to find things that are not true. The more dangers you falsify. The closer you get to safety.

    The Captain

    The Captian has a vision, a safe haven, a point at the horizon, a safe place for his people to go. The captain has the motivation, the energy and the skills to take his people there. By having a clear vision of the future the Captain's provide safety.

    The Buddha

    The secret skill of the Buddha is depolarization. Depolarization turns enemies into friends. Depolarization melts the poles together. By using depolarization the Buddha creates a safe space for those who are the poles apart.The Buddha does not need to go anywhere. The Buddha provides safety in the here and now.

  • Testimonials

  • Lead 2 play Leadership Journey Algarve 4950 Euro

    • Airport: Faro
    • When: october - may
    • Stay: 4 days 3 nights in beautiful authentic fishing village
    • Daily guided activity (sports or relax)
    • Overdose vitamine D and nature
    • 3 days (9 hr) high end playful leadership coaching program
    • Bad weather alternative: Not needed!
    • Free masterclass play 2 potential at  975
    • Free safe 2 play incompany at 1499

  • More leadership journey info coming soon!

    We know your time is valuable. That is why we are getting straight to the point. We are finishing the leadership journey as we speak. To be 100% sure we will leave no questions we offer you a 10% discount in exchange for all the questions you have. This only applies for the first 100 questions that not have been asked yet. Read down below the questions which are already asked an answered.

  • About Lars

    Founder and owner

    After I sold my surf business I moved south with the sun to the  Algarve. After 3 years I started missing my home country The Netherlands, where I am based now. When the sun and the birds move south, so do I. It is like having the best of both worlds. Since 2017 I share my discoveries, passion and second home with the current an future leaders who want the absolute best for their people and our world.

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